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Easily create Mac OS X applications from within MonoDevelop using C#!



Installation Directions

  1. Inside MonoDevelop, select Tools → Addin-in Manager.
  2. Choose Repositories then Add.
  3. Enter as the Url and click OK, then close the Repositories dialog.
  4. Back in the Add-in Manager dialog, choose Install Add-ins.
  5. Click Refresh, then select the new addins to be installed:
    • ☒ Mac Development → Monobjc development
    • ☒ Debugging → Mono Soft Debugger Support for Monobjc
  6. Click Forward and finish out the install guide. You're done!


To start a new project, click File → New Solution, select the C# → OSX category, and choose a project type.

To convert an existing project:

  1. Open up the .csproj file in a text editor.
  2. Look for a <ProjectTypeGuids> element inside <Project>.
    • If the element already exists, add the Monobjc GUID to it, separated by a semicolon. For example if you have:
      Change it to:
    • If the element does not exist, add a new one (inside <Project>):

Author & Copyright

MonoDevelop.Monobjc was created by Eric Butler, Copyright © 2010 Eric Butler.
It is based on the MonoDevelop.IPhone project by Michael Hutchinson, Copyright © 2009 Novell Inc.

Released under the MIT License.

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